Everything you need to know about vendor compliance for Cannabis and Alcohol

  • The OLCC is stepping up its efforts to ensure retailer compliance, with an emphasis on public safety 🛡️.
  • Programmes such as Minor Decoy Operations help monitor sales alcohol and cannabis minors 🌿.
  • Retailer training on ID verification is crucial for a safe and regulated market ?.

Ah, legality! It offers us some incredible, almost magical products, like cannabis and its derivatives. Who would have thought that it would one day be possible to get the same sensations as with THC in a totally legal and safe way? 😉 But with freedom comes responsibility.

Compliance: a major challenge 🌟

Remember the woeful retailer compliance rates in Oregon in 2018? It's almost like opening a box of chocolates ? without checking the expiry date. The result? Not always pleasant surprises! Steve Marks, the executive director of the OLCC, has clearly expressed his concern about these failings. But what is the OLCC doing to put things right?

Tools to improve the situation 🛠

The OLCC's Compliance Division has got it covered! It's offering identity verification training for alcohol and cannabis retailers. It's like giving a treasure map 🗺 to someone looking for directions. But despite these tools, non-compliance persisted.

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🤔 Did you know that OLCC officials often work with the police to ensure compliance? They conduct joint operations to monitor attempts by minors to purchase alcohol.

Figures that make you wonder 📊

Since the resumption of the control programme, the OLCC has launched several regional operations. Their objective? To achieve or exceed 90% compliance. However, some of the results give cause for concern. In Eugene, for example, almost two out of three retailers failed to check identification correctly, with a compliance rate of just 35%. That's like trying to ride a bike ?‍♂️ with a deflated wheel!

Steve Marks insists: "Every licensee must make it a priority to ensure that its employees are properly trained". Failure to comply with these rules is not just a question of non-compliance; it's a question of safety and responsibility to the community.

Graph showing compliance statistics for retailers in Oregon.

Current context and future challenges ⏰

The current context, marked by the COVID-19 pandemic, has certainly complicated matters. But the OLCC has not given up. Despite the challenges, such as recruiting volunteers, they have found a solution: paying minors to act as 'test customers'. It's an ingenious way of making sure cannabis and alcohol don't fall into the wrong hands. 🤲

In short, just as a sportsman trains hard to win his medal, retailers must work tirelessly to ensure a secure sale. It's a tough road, but with the right support, 100% compliance is a dream within reach. What about you, what do you think of these efforts towards responsible selling? ??

What is the OLCC?

The OLCC, or Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission, is the body responsible for regulating the sale of alcohol and cannabis in Oregon.

What are 'Minor Decoy Operations'?

Minor Decoy Operations' are programmes set up by the OLCC where minors attempt to buy alcohol or cannabis to test retailers' compliance.

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Why is it important to train retailers in identity verification?

Training in identification checks is crucial to preventing the sale of controlled substances to minors and ensuring public safety.

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