The growing HHC movement and cannabis reform in Thailand

  1. There Thailand is making strides towards the decriminalization of cannabis, showing leadership in Asia. ?
  2. Despite divided opinions, the majority recognize the medical benefits of cannabis without promoting recreational use. ?
  3. Tourists seeking to take advantage of this new legislation are advised to respect the standards and regulations in force. ✈️

Ah, le cannabis! 🌿 Un sujet qui suscite toujours de vifs débats à travers le monde. Parlons aujourd’hui de la Thaïlande, un pays en pleine effervescence autour de cette plante et de son utilisation. Vous êtes prêt? C’est parti!

1. Political turmoil around cannabis

Once upon a time there was a bill in Thailand. And this law, my friends, was intended to regulate the use of cannabis in the country. But before we go any further, let's take a moment to ask ourselves: why is this so important?

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Thailand, in a bold move, became the first country in Asia to decriminalize cannabis last June. ? A major milestone, right? But with that decriminalization came an explosion in recreational use, and that obviously raised concerns.

La proposition de loi était censée offrir au gouvernement plus de contrôle sur l’industrie du cannabis. Cependant, certains députés ont estimé que cette loi ne régulait pas suffisamment le cannabis, et qu’elle pourrait même le promouvoir. Vous imaginez la suite : débats passionnés, opinions partagées et, finalement, la loi a été retirée. 📜❌

2. But what do the officials say?

Anutin Charnvirakul, Thailand's health minister, has always been clear about the country's position on cannabis. His vision? Promote the use of cannabis for medical and non-recreational purposes.

He stressed that the country encourages the use of cannabis extracts for medicinal purposes. But, if you are thinking of coming to Thailand to freely enjoy cannabis… well, this is not the right place! Anutin made it clear that tourists coming just for the “high” are not welcome.

3. So what is the real intention behind decriminalization?

Decriminalization is not an invitation to recreational use. It made it possible to remove cannabis from the list of banned substances in the country. But this does not mean that everyone can indulge in it freely. The country's vision is clear: to promote its medical use, and not for simple leisure.

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Il y a une différence, vous savez, entre consommer quelque chose pour se soigner et le faire juste pour le plaisir. Pensez-y comme au vin🍷. Certains le boivent pour ses avantages pour la santé (avec modération!), tandis que d’autres le boivent simplement pour le plaisir. C’est la même chose pour le cannabis et le HHC.

4. Bangkok and its cannabis cafes

With the new policy, several cannabis cafes have sprung up in Bangkok, the capital. Yet, they were not welcomed with open arms by all. Some government officials have expressed dissatisfaction with the development.

But why this reaction? Well, the government wants to prevent cannabis from becoming a source of distraction or addiction, especially for young people. After all, balance is key, right?

So that, my friends, is the situation in Thailand right now. A nation trying to find the right balance between accepting cannabis and ensuring it is used responsibly. And you what do you think? Is decriminalization the way forward? Each country has its own story to tell. ??

Why is Thailand decriminalizing cannabis?

Thailand aims to recognize the medical benefits of cannabis while regulating its recreational use. They are the pioneers in Asia in this progressive approach.

Is recreational use completely free in Thailand?

No, despite decriminalization, recreational use is not completely free. The authorities insist on compliance with the standards and regulations in force.

Can tourists take advantage of this new legislation?

Tourists are advised to respect the regulations in place. Decriminalization should not be confused with total freedom of recreational use.

Thai Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul speaking at a press conference on the new legislation.

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